Top 30 OST-uri din drame


30. FT.Island-I’m saying –Heirs

29. 4Minute-Creating love –Personal Taste

28.BoA -Between Heaven-Shark

27. Junsu- You are so beautiful- Scent of a woman

26. Seohyun- It’s ok, even if it hurts- Kim Soo Ro, The Iron King

25. Mee- Where –Bad Guy

24. Luna- It’s Ok – Cheongdamdong Alice

23. Wheesung-Alive even in Death –The kingdom of the winds

22.Gummy- Day and night-Master’s Sun

21.MinAh-Girl’s day-Doctor stranger

20. Boys over flowers-„Fight the Bad Feeling” (T-Max)

19.”Don’t Forget Me” (Huh Gak) – Greatest Love

18.”Wind Blow” (Ga Yoon) – My Princess

17.”Back in Time” Lyn – The Moon that Embraces the Sun

16.”Because I Miss You” (Jung Yong Hwa) – Heartstrings

15.„That Woman” (Baek Ji Young) sau „That Man” (Hyun Bin) – Secret Garden

14.„Suddenly” Kim Bo-kyung – City Hunter

13.„After A Long Time Has Passed” (Baek Ji Young) – Rooftop Prince

12.„Touch Love” (Yoon Mi Rae) – Master’s Sun

11. „Moment” (2AM) – Heirs

10.„Lucky” Ashily – Boys Over Flowers

9.„Love Rain” (Jang Geun Suk) – Love Rain

8. „The One – A Winter Story”-That Winter, The Wind Blows

7.”Promise „Jang Yoon Jung –Yi San

6. „Jang Na-Ra” Cheonaejia –Dong Yi

5. Kim Soo Hyun – Promise –My love from the stars

4.Davichi-It’s OK, that’s love

3. Ailee- Goodbye my love –Fated to love you

2. ALi -In my dream-Empire of gold

1. Lyn- My Destiny- My love from the stars


Desigur, aici se afla o mica, mica parte din cele mai frumoase OST-uri!

Va doresc auditie placuta!❤

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